Trilo Spelling

The spelling, reading, and vocabulary game app for kids grades K-2

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4.5 Stars - Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review

Designed for fun and learning!

Welcome to Trilo Spelling where you take on spelling adventures with the glowing ghost Spooka, the one-eyed mummy Sling and the friendly zombie Frank. Trilo Spelling is a fun and entertaining, multisensory, phonics-based spelling game that is designed for fun at home, in preschools, and elementary schools

Multiple Difficulties and Levels

There are five levels of spelling and reading fundamentals for players. Each level introduces a new group of letter blends and a corresponding vocabulary list. Kids begin learning short vowel words and progress towards ending and beginning consonant blends. Levels become more challenging, but Spooka and her Trilo friends are there to encourage kids throughout their spelling adventure!

Three Games Within The App

In each level, kids are challenged in three variations of spelling and reading games. Whether it's spelling the right word before Spooka flies away in the Trilo Plane or choosing the correct picture and word combination, kids will continue to have an engaging and rewarding experience.

Fun and Accomplishment

Trilo Spelling is designed with colorful and quirky animations and games are filled with lively sound effects. As kids learn new spelling concepts and complete each level, they have the chance to win puzzle pieces and refuel the Trilo Plane so they can explore the Trilo World. If kids are finding a word or game to be difficult, the sounds of letters and words as they touch the screen will guide them to the right answers