Learning through games, education, and research

Välkomna! (Welcome) - Trilo is a Swedish / American elementary education company
we make learning games and apps

Dedication to elementary education tech

We work closely with elementary educators to develop our apps. We want to use apps and educational technology to help children learn and progress in their most important years of schooling. If we can help at least one student, one teacher, or one school improve, we will have accomplished our mission.

Wholesome Family-Friendly Experiences

Our apps will never include advertising, in-app purchases, or external links. Only genuine elementary education spelling and reading content. A safe and wholesome experience for any child.

A team of developers and researchers

Linus Lundberg, Erik Kylen, and Andreas Rehnberg make up Trilo's small team of developers who specialize in elementary educational technology apps. We work with US elementary school teachers and reading educators to research and improve our apps.

Swedish to US education connection

Based in Sweden, our apps are built on the traditional Swedish language learning principles of immersion and multisensory engagement (touch, sound, sight). Yet our technology is rooted in the popular American system of incorporating new technologies to reach children in our ever-changing world. Stockholm is the second most prolific tech hub in the world after Silicon Valley.